The Household Item Donation Process

To get in the right frame of mind, think of a hypothetical scenario where a single mother is fleeing an abusive domestic situation with three small children. It is too dangerous to go back to the family home for her daughters princess bedding or her sons crib. The little money she was able to get away with is enough for paper plates and an air mattress. She is starting over in building a home for her children with only the clothes on their backs, in an empty apartment. What kind of household items would they need? The answer is everything! 

Step 1 – Consider giving back to the community when you are moving homes, redesigning a space, upgrading your office furniture, cleaning, purging, or privy to any superfluous household items.

Step 2 – Members of the public wishing to participate will notify Crystal’s Gift via, regarding what will be donated, and available dates to meet for dropping off the donation.

Step 3 – The donor will meet a Crystal’s Gift board member, on a mutually agreed upon date and time, at 345 Portage Avenue in Saskatoon, to drop off their donation(s).

Step 4 – On a case-by-case basis, single mothers will review the donated inventory for household items they are unable to provide for their children.

Step 5 – The single mother will take the household items home to help improve the quality of life for their children.

Please note that clothing, products, and food are not accepted. Donations are also expected to be in good condition, clean, and packaged properly.

As a Saskatchewan non-profit, we rely on donations in order to keep helping single mothers in difficult situations within our community. Crystal’s Gift has logistic expenses that rely on financial donations. We accept monetary donation through e-transfer or cheque. E-transfer may be sent to and cheques may be made out to Crystal’s Gift.