As a Saskatchewan non-profit, we rely on donations in order to keep helping single mothers in difficult situations within our community. Crystal’s Gift has logistic expenses that rely on financial donations. We accept monetary donation through e-transfer or cheque.

E-transfer may be sent to


Step 1 – Consider options to lighten the load when you relocate while making a social impact.

Step 2 – Home owners wishing to participate notify Crystal’s Gift outlining when, where, and what will be donated.

Step 3 – Donated items are picked up or dropped off (refer to safety precautions) and put into storage until they are matched with a single mother.

Step 4 – Single mothers can review donated inventory on a case-by-case basis and/or request an item needed.

Step 5 – The requested item is received by the single mother.

The homeowner is notified that the item donated has been received by a single mother with X amount of children. (optional)

Step 6 – The single mother who receives the item is encouraged to write a “Thank You” note for the donor. (optional)

*If you would like to be notified upon placement of your donation and receive a “Thank You” note, please advise at the time of making your donation. 

*Clothing is not accepted. 

*Donations are expected to be in good condition, clean, and packaged properly.